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You and I were made to experience a life overflowing with meaning, security, and hope, but where can you find that today?  For most of us, that kind of life feels elusive if not impossible. 


At Fountain City Church, we believe without a doubt that every one of us will only find what our heart’s desire through life with Jesus Christ.  With Jesus, we find our true home with God; we enter a new family who loves and accepts us; we discover God’s purpose for us in this world.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re coming from, whether you’ve been a part of a church all your life or have never stepped foot in a church, you are welcome to join with us as we together pursue the fullness of life with God.


We were experiencing some major life transitions when we found Fountain City, and it was the right mix of warm encouragement and spiritual challenge we needed.  We love what’s taught and modeled for our teens. These are the people we want to make memories with in this season of life!


In the past, I've actually been pushed away from organized religion: a feeling that there was more focus on what not to do than what to do. Since joining Fountain City Church, I've had the opposite experience. It's been great to spend time with people who are focused on how to serve the Lord and how to love others well.


I feel like I’ve finally found a dynamic, faithful, genuine community. The members of Fountain City have a craving to grow in faith and help others to know Jesus in a real way!


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Visiting a new church can be difficult. We'd love to connect and answer any questions that you might have before you come!

Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse

9101 Nall Ave

Prairie Village, KS 66207